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Eastern Themed Garden Design Ideas

Lately, well, particulary this season, we are seeing a more prevalent merge between cultures, in the design and décor industry, particularly with Asian and Oriental influences! We all know that feminine Orientalism and Boho-Chic eclectic looks are huge right now! So it stands to reason that this will naturally translate to garden design and décor too!

Many people love the style and tranquillity imbued in eastern themed gardens. Somehow, within eastern or Asian themed gardens there is a sense of stillness and calm not always achieved in other garden styles and themes. But don’t go galloping of to your nearest Feng Shui specialist just yet. There are ways and means of achieving the gorgeous eastern themed Garden using some really simple and lovely design ideas which you can tailor to make your garden as eastern or as subtle as you like!

Here are some great eastern themed garden design ideas to bring a little of that stunning oriental tranquillity into your own space.

A great design idea for creating an eastern or oriental feel for your garden is to put in a koi pond. Alright, so, koi can be expensive, but you could use gold fish instead! Either way, putting a pond into your garden, whether big or small, is a gorgeous way of creating a an eastern themed garden. Add a few lilies to float on top, pop a few fish in and voilà! A great idea is to add a little cascade or flowing water feature to this pond, to keep the water moving and aerated for the fish. Surround your pond with well placed stones or go for artistic and antique looking flag-stones for further visual effect.baskin 20pond 201 small gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africaAnother stunning eastern themed garden design idea is to put some of those lovely Asian stone lanterns in your garden. If you have a garden path they will look lovely running along either side of the path. You can also place then around your pond or swimming pool. Alternatively you can place your stone lanterns at intervals around your patio or entertainment area. A truly lovely idea and one that will provide visual impact is to place the stone lanterns in the garden, in your actual beds so that, should you decide to put candles into them, they glow beautifully from within the foliage!seattle japanese garden stone lantern full e1318351438978 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africaA gorgeous alternative to stone lanterns is to put paper lanterns into your garden. These will not last nearly as long as a collection of stone lanterns, but they will look absolutely stunning hanging from your trees, the fence or the lintels and plinths of your patio or veranda.Do You Own Any Paper Lanterns gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africaPlacing a Buddha icon somewhere in your garden is a beautiful eastern themed garden design idea. Whether you choose from a typically big bellied and jovial Chinese Buddha or rather select from the range of more tranquil Thai Buddhas, whether you opt for seated or standing, big or small, intricate or simple, placing a Buddha in your garden is one way to bring a more oriental theme to life in the design and décor of your garden. You can place your Buddha on a plinth or table, or nestle it subtly in the garden itself, either way, Buddhas look beautiful in the buddha gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africaOriental bridges are another stunning eastern themed garden design idea. They are perfect for a larger garden where you have a pond, pool, or even a stream flowing through the property, but even in a little property or postage stamp garden, a well placed little oriental bridge can add a really beautiful visual effect and bring the eastern theme through the garden.bridge e1318351544101 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africaPerhaps the most upkeep but certainly the most therapeutic eastern themed garden design idea is to put in a little zen garden. If you have a large property, plenty of patience and time, or dedicated staff, the a big zen garden is perfect, but for the rest of us, just a little section of zen garden is perfect! Place a few pretty rocks and rake your favourite designs into the sand and you have it! Not ideal however if you have pets or children!landscape design background zen garden Kyushu Japan e chan e1318351617473 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

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