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Garden Paving Design and Décor Using Brick

Whether you want to install some extra parking space for the cars, create a flat and convenient space for entertaining and braais or extend a patio area out from one of your side or back doors, laying paving in your garden or driveway is a great and attractive way of levelling off an area of your property for specific use.  Paving is a permanent solution and one that you need to think about seriously before you put it in, but more than anything else paving stands up to extremely high levels of traffic and wear and tear.

One of the most effective and attractive forms of paving is brick paving. What is so lovely about brick work and brick paving is the incredible range of colour and pattern you can achieve through the use of different types and styles of brick available to the public. You can go with very simple single colour paving or make your paved area a touch more interesting by using multiple colours. The interest factor can also upped by playing with the actual paving pattern you use for your brick work.

Here are some fabulous garden paving design ideas and tips using brick for you to consider if you are looking to do something with the design of your garden.

Starting with the simplest first, ordinary straight brick paving looks lovely in any colour and can be used for driveways, parking spaces or garden paving for pathways and entertainment areas. As a garden paving design idea it is simple and practical and will blend with just about any design and décor style you have going in your home. Placing a nice border around the paved area just finishes it off neatly.dry lay brick paving e1319202519548 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

Don’t forget that you can still curve a straight line, so even if you don’t have a straight space to pave you can still use this straight brick paving pattern. In this image the lines have been curved gently to accommodate the flower beds on the side of the paved area, winding around them without breaking the line of the brick paving!index gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

Another lovely pattern as a garden paving design idea is to use this herringbone style brick paving pattern. It is still simple but looks classical, neat and very attractive. You can create this pattern with single one bricks, two different colours of brick or, and this is my favourite, as in this image, a brick type that is varied. I feel this provides more visual interest, but everyone has their own idea of what they like and ultimately what you choose is up to you!293967 4457 25 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

If you are not looking for a straight line sort of paving pattern, then an alternative brick work pattern that is equally as attractive and fairly common is this rosette type paving pattern. This rosette bloom is very beautiful whether used uniformly or overlayed as in this pattern here! Again, this brick paving pattern can look just as lovely using a single colour as if you use multiple coloured bricks.paverstone design group 640 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

There are, of course, more intricate garden paving design ideas for you to consider too if you want to make more of a feature of your paving. Diamond and crisscross paving patterns are very attractive, and you can play with them. If you want the pattern to be subtle, install the paving all in one colour. If your design and décor s bolder and you want a paving pattern to match use different coloured bricks to create the diamond or crisscross patterns. In this image the combination of three different colours is lovely. The effect is very pretty indeed!sammamish detail4 gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

pixel gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

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