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Great Fairy Themes for Little Girls Bedrooms

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with everything fairytale! I loved the idea that fairies existed! I would spend hours in the bottom of the garden looking for them or just hoping and wishing that they would appear to me. I still harbour a secret love for Tinkerbell, and although I’m a grown woman, don’t laugh, but my favourite coffee mug is a Tinkerbell inspired one I got at Eurodisney three years ago for my birthday!

Today’s little girls are just like me, little girls love the idea of fairies today as much as they did fifty years ago, and next to the princess theme, I have to say that the fairy themed bedroom is probably the top choice if you are looking for a theme to create in your little girls bedroom.

Here are some examples of great fairy themes for little girls bedrooms!

In this bedroom Marie, from Maries Manor Kids Themed Bedrooms has used extensive and detailed paintings to create the feeling that this bedroom is full of fairies and flowers. Not quite designed to look like a full scale garden, the room does have enough painted ivy, beautiful flowers, butterflies and fairies for it to feel like a fairy haven! A great idea is the beautiful painted fairy castle headboard which completes the look!

fairy bedding fairy bedrooms design and decor bedrooms 2  decor home design directory south africa

In this image, also compliments of Maries Manor Kids Themed Bedrooms, Marie went for a very realistic fairy garden look! The wall mural starting halfway up the wall is incredibly detailed and beautiful with a gorgeous fairy castle in the background and this little girls own personal guardian fairy hovering over the bed. The beautiful flowered and petalled green canopy over the bed and matching side table cloth and lamp are  a lovely touch to round the look off.


fairy forest theme bedrooms fairy theme design and decor bedrooms 2  decor home design directory south africa

This decorator has gone all out, creating an actual fairy home for the little girl! Real ivy  and briar roses hang from the roof, her bed looks like it has been made out of a tree trunk, branches and pink petals. There are toadstools, pebbles and little grassy patches around the room, even little extensions of lichen down the side of the bed as steps! This is a really gorgeous fairy themed bedroom!

fairy bedroom 1 design and decor bedrooms 2  decor home design directory south africa

pixel design and decor bedrooms 2  decor home design directory south africa

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