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Hot Garden Décor Ideas

It is always so lovely to spend time in your garden during summer, especially in a country like ours where the weather over the summer season is so absolutely fabulous! As a culture we do spend a lot of time out doors in our gardens, braaing, and entertaining, watching the sun set, the kids playing round the pool, playing sports etc, so our gardens are to us, not just that bit of green out the back door, but a true extension of our living space.

As such I think it’s important to fill your garden with all the personality you would fill your home with. There is no need for an area you spend so much time in to be some bland, green space. And this is where garden décor comes in! Now garden décor is a pretty expansive term. I’m not suggesting that every one should go out and spend a small fortune on art and wall murals etc, unless of course that is what you would like! Garden décor can be as simple as a small birbath or as expansive as an entire patio furniture outfit. Really it is up to you, the point it to make it feel as much home as the rest of the rooms in your house do. By adding décor, big or small, you make your garden your own!

Here are some lovely simple but hot garden décor ideas as examples of what I mean. These are quick and easy ways to bring a touch more of your personality into your garden through your own choice in décor.

I have had a personal love affair with the heart shape my whole life! I know most girls do, but my appreciation of hearts continued into adult hood, so imagine how thrilled I am to see that there are lovely little heart shaped “things” that you can put in your garden and not just in your home now. In this image these little wooden heart plaques are fabulous, and I can just picture them in chalk board paint with your favourite herb or flower names written on them, but I have also seen beautiful little mosaic heart mobiles, wire heart shapes for your creepers to grow on, heart shaped stones, basically heart shaped everythings for hanging or placing in your garden! med pink cb fuschia gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

If you are the kind of person that loves nature and wants to invite more of the little fluffies and furries into your garden then a hot garden décor idea for you is birdbaths or bird feeders. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate a bird bath or bird feeder into your garden décor. And there are so many different shapes and styled to choose from too! If you have a colonial type garden the a beautiful ornate fountain bird bath is gorgeous. If you have a more rustic or non traditional look, then my particular favourite is the little shallow bowl like the one shown in this image. All it is is a shallow dish or bowl, sunken into the ground, fill it with pebbles, and water and you have created a natural little bath or watering hole for the birds and animals in your garden. Bird bath gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

If you are more the eclectic type, then a very hot garden décor idea is to hang unusual things in your garden. Bird cages are a particularly hot choice this season and while bird cages are not exactly an unusual sight in a garden, bird cages filled with flowers or plants are. Bunting, tea pots, lanterns and fairy lights are all also very popular and great fun to look at in an eclectic gardentabledecorations birdcagecardholder cc 1932 300x300 plant gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

pixel gardens design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

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