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Lighting design and decor ideas for your living space!

Lighting is important in your home; it accentuates the living area and it forms part of your design and decor.

 There are plenty of options, when it comes to choosing lighting for your living space.  The best place to start is by choosing general lighting, or recessed lighting.  These lights are trendy, and they enhance design and decor of your home.  Recessed lighting can be installed on the walls or ceiling, giving off sufficient light for the entire living area.  Options for recessed lighting, includes accent lights, dimmer lights, low lights and back lights; they operate from one switch for convenience and accessibility.


Other lighting options include task lighting that is designed for specific activities such as reading, or working at a desk. Lighting is functional, and it adds to the design and decor of your home.  Lamps can be used as task lighting, choose lamps that are stylish and trendy. If you have selected a theme for your living area, then choose task lighting that will complement decor and design. There is an endless selection of task lighting to accommodate your home design and decor requirements.



Other lighting includes floor and table lamps.  There are versatile and easily obtainable; when choosing lamps for your home consider how it will affect the lighting in your living area. Dark lamp shades will minimise the distribution of light whereas, light lamp shades will fill the area with sufficient light. The key to any design, in your home, is to match your accessories with main furniture. The same idea applies to using lighting in your home.  The style and shape of the lighting should suit the overall theme of your home. Table lamps can be placed next to the entertainment section to lighten dark areas.  A combination of recessed lighting and lamps can be used to distribute lighting evenly throughout your living area.  Try and keep your lighting scheme organised and practical; use lamps to fill dark areas, use recessed lighting for appearance and central lighting.


One of the most powerful energy sources is the sun.  It gives off radiant light, and it can light up the entire home.  When you design and decorate your home, consider the window and door space.  Try and use as much space for your windows to allow the warm light from the sun to penetrate your living space.  Natural light is cost-effective, and it provides warmth, as well. Choose your window treatment carefully, as you want to maximise the lighting potential in your living space.


Unlike artificial light, natural light has the ability to warm and calm the environment, and it does not cost anything! Filter as much sun into your living space, by using skylights. 


Any form of lighting should create a comfortable and relaxing space. It should also be functional for tasks which require sufficient light, such as reading or studying.   Sometimes lighting can be controlled, recess lighting allows for one switch to control the strength of light to set the mood.  If you want to watch television, or if you want to relax and unwind, adjust the dimmer switch accordingly.  Energy saving lights is cost-effective and practical, use them in your home, in combination, with natural light to emphasise your living space.



Contemporary designs include stylish lights in your living area. Choosing the correct lighting in your home can have a significant impact on the design and decor. A small living area can appear large by using white colour and bright light. Maximising your living area with lighting is a sure way to highlight the entire living area.

White Apartment Design Spacious Living Space Ideas working Room 150x150 living rooms lighting design and decor  decor home design directory south africa


Use lighting to emphasise decor or art on your walls; down lighting is practical and it will focus attention on the painting or art on display.

 White Lighting Living Room 150x150 living rooms lighting design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

Recessed lighting is modern, and styles are limitless.  The overall theme of your living area should balance with choosing the correct lighting.

 Interior Design Ideas with Italian Recessed Lighting 150x150 living rooms lighting design and decor  decor home design directory south africa







pixel living rooms lighting design and decor  decor home design directory south africa

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